How to Install Seamless Gutters

Not many people have the carpentry skills or the knowledge to know how to properly install a gutter system. For those who want to try to do this on their own, a do-it-yourself style, it is highly recommended that you talk with a professional about the types of tools and metals you will need to create your gutter system. If you are thinking about installing seamless gutters, than it is important to make note that seamless pieces are created from one long piece of metal aluminium. You may not have this type of machine nor the metal available to do-it-yourself. You can buy full seamless sectional pieces, but they will need to be attached at the downspouts and corners, where you will need to apply a sealant on those seams. You will also need the proper hangers in order to attach the entire system to the fascia on your house. In order to complete the job in full, you will need the following:


  • Hammer,
  • Seamless gutters,
  • Hangers,
  • Downspouts,
  • Corner mounts,
  • Measuring tape,
  • Ladder,
  • Nails,
  • A level of some kind.


If you are not a huge do-it-yourself project enthusiast, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to do the job for you. LeafGuard is one of many companies which offer free estimates, and financing for your gutter system. It is important that a professional or someone with the knowledge installs this type of system as it will cause a lot of foundation and structural issues to your home, which are very costly, if they are not done correctly.

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