Shopping at a Greenhouse for your Gardening Needs

When it comes to shopping for the proper flower(s) for your home landscape, finding one that suits your gardening style is important. Whether you want annuals that will pop up every year, or want to change up your flower and colour choice every year will dictate what type of flowers you will buy. One of the best places to go when shopping for flowers is a greenhouse, because not only will they have exceptional knowledge, they also have a larger selection than say an outdoor department centre! From indoor to outdoor, to annuals, garden plants and seasonal, Bennett’s Greenhouse is the best place to go in Western Indiana for your gardening projects.


What They Offer


Since they are a family operated business, they have been in the Western Indiana area for over 100 years. This means that they have values that have stretched over that time, making their knowledge beyond unique when it comes to flowers, gardening projects and landscaping. They offer both horticultural services in growing, consulting and design, as well as extensive plant selection. From vegetable garden plants and plots, and herb patches, to indoor house plants, to annual outdoor options, they have what you need to complete any home or commercial project.


What Makes Them Unique?


They have over 17 acres of land in which they grow their plants on, so not only do you know that you are getting the best knowledge, but you are also getting the best plants in the area. Bennett’s can offer you unique services within their garden centre, nursery or through their full-service landscaping design options.

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